Halter Top

This summer you can enjoy the waves and the sunshine while wearing your halter bikini top. For those of you that may not know what a halter top is, I will enlighten you. This wonderful style of swimwear is similar to a bandeau except it has straps that go around the back of the neck. If you’re a bustier woman then the halter top will offer a bit more lift and support than say a triangle top or bandeau. If you have smaller breasts then the halter top will help show off your cleavage.

halter top halter top bikini
Halter Bikini Tops

Aside from the halter top, you also have to buy some summer wear accessories, and cover ups should make it to your shopping list. You can go for a sarong to complete your seaside getup. In various colors and styles, you just need to select one that would best complement your bikini. The best thing about it is that it can also double as a halter dress.

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Why use a sarong

This beach wrap can be made into a halter dress. If you have this, you do not have to buy expensive beach dresses anymore. All you need is a colorful sarong and you can look as elegant and sophisticated as any swimsuit model of men’s illustrated magazine. Wearing a sarong is also easy to do. It would only take you a few minutes to complete the look and dabble in different styles.

How to wear a beach cover up

With just a few knots here and there, you can be properly dressed for bar hopping or partying near the resort. The first thing that you should do is to step in front of the material and pull the fabric forward. You have to gather the ends of the fabric evenly and then cross them on your bust. After this, you have to gather the ends, bring them up, and tie them behind your neck.

Aside from using it as a dress, it can also be used as a long skirt to cover your legs or as substitute for a towel if you left it somewhere. Another advantage of bringing this item to the resort is that it is not as bulky and heavy as other accessories. You can easily stuff this in your bag along with other beach essentials.

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